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Nokia Smartphones & Tablet Price List

Product Name / Model NumberPrice in Indian Rupees
Nokia 5008,990
Nokia 60314,284
Nokia 70015,970
Nokia 70116,999
Nokia 52307,140
Nokia 52507,600
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic9,750
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic19,000
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic13,490
Nokia 660014,389
Nokia 6700 Slide9,600
Nokia 6720 Classic16,225
Nokia C5-00 7,199
Nokia C5-038,190
Nokia C5-056,169
Nokia C6-0011,903
Nokia C6-0113,299
Nokia C7-0016,240
Nokia E58,499
Nokia E7-0024,999
Nokia E5111,769
Nokia E529,909
Nokia E5517,000
Nokia E636,999
Nokia E6512,944
Nokia E6619,629
Nokia E7113,029
Nokia E7213,376
Nokia E90 Communicator24,527
Nokia Lumia 71014,799
Nokia Lumia 80027,690
Nokia N817,690
Nokia N7715,495
Nokia N7912,857
Nokia N8523,079
Nokia N9519,429
Nokia N9634,299
Nokia N9718,999
Nokia N97 Mini19,450
Nokia N90025,292
Nokia X5-017,499
Nokia X6 8GB9,999
Nokia X7-0019,490

All the prices of above Nokia Smartphones & Tablet are sourced from various mobile dealers in India. The prices may vary depending on your location due to additional taxes. The prices keep changing without notice but we try to update these lists whenever required.