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5 cool Windows Phone Apps you must try

With the launch of some cool Windows Phone Devices like Nokia Lumia 800, Windows Phone platform has achieved a WoW among the users. Windows Phone 7.5 is known for its cool features and sleek interface. Also Windows Phone market is has has wide range of apps. Here we Mobulite bring you some cool and useful apps.

The of list cool Windows Phone apps is :

Seesmic, Free :

So you have multiple social Media accounts ? You have to much stress accessing and managing them ? Here is the solution Sessmic app lets you work on Multiple social networks with efficient and powerful way. You can manage multiple Twitter, Facebook account and Salesforce Chatter account and can organize all account on customizable “spaces” dashboard.

Download : Seesmic

gMaps, Free :

Do you travel a lot ? So you need a virtual Direction guide ? gMaps is an ultimate Google maps app for Windows Phone. It includes feature like Compass, Latitude background agent, New bicycle layer, Ability to hide all buttons on the map, Public transportation quick access, Show route to address from your contact and also New languages supported Chinese Traditional, Ukrainian etc.

Download: gMaps

iheartradio, Free :

Do you love Old Music ? Or you are addicted to listening music while traveling ? Do it with your Windows Phone with app iheartradio, famous music service, Users have access to hundreds channels of America’s favorite local radio stations and celebrity hosted radio channels. It also includes feature like Add a Live station tile to start page, Fast application switching support etc.

Download: iheart radio

Phone8, Paid $0.99 :

Now Turn your Phone into a next generation. This fun app have Windows Phone 7 home screen, and let’s you change colors backgrounds and live tiles. Includes awesome theme and let’s you create your own stunning theme in easy and fast way.

Download: Phone8

Password Padlock, Paid $1.99 :

So digital security is your all time high priority ? Your password managing app solution is Password Padlock. Using this app you can Manage your passwords securely and conveniently on the phone that’s always with you. The single master password you select is used to encrypt all the other passwords in your collections.

Download: password padlock