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10 reasons where Nokia Lumia 800 disappointed its users

I have been using Nokia Lumia 800 for 3 weeks, which was most awaited Windows Phone device from Nokia. Nokia Lumia 800 based on Windows PhoneAlthough i am a big fan of Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S (primary choice) . But when Nokia brought its beautiful device Lumia 800 based on Windows Phone 7.5 operating system i brought one for me to carry around.
Although i am impressed with its looks (Hardware design and related stuff) but it lacked in many ways from its competitors like Samsung, HTC, Apple devices.

Here are 10 points where Nokia Lumia 800 disappointed its users…

Bundled apps : Nokia hasn’t come out with any ground braking apps. May be this happed due launching phone in hurry. But who cares ? Android and iPhone has much larger choice of apps.

Display : Its display is much dimmer other devices and even from Nokia’s own N9. So this reduces overall charm (and see what if you are walking in Sun Light ? )

Camera Quality : Even Nokia known for best Camera Quality phones it doesn’t seems promising this time with Lumia 800. Many Android devices are ahead of this even its own N9 device.

Battery Life : Almost everyone love good battery strength. Although its battery is quite promising but it still losses race taking other Android devices out there.

No battery replacement option : Users don’t have any option for replacing battery if one gets discharged.

Front Camera : Oh my God!!! Who in the world told Nokia not to include Front camera even users have loved this feature in Nokia’s featured phones. And not having Front camera takes it to no Video call device and again dips its capability.

No memory card slot : So no storage external storage option like other devices .

Weak Browser : As it doesn’t support Flash or Silverlight (oh yes no Silverlight even)

No USB mass storage : Only file management option and sync pass through Zune.

Speakerphone and Audio : Comparing with devices Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II, HTC Titan, LG Optimus its quality is below average.

  • John

    how much goog are paying to hype android which is a lousy operating systen b/c it is fragmented software and ask android developers about b/f you run your mouth about lumia

    • Anonymous

      Hey John…I understand you but the above article is about shortcomings in the Lumia phone and we hope that Nokia and Windows Phone team would add more features to its Phone in coming months…

  • Bigboss

    Few more:
    Poor Camera, no red eye removal, try it with flash in low light,
    No background running application available for call recording.
    Size also big in length
    Low volume, poor vibrater, no graphic equalizer, no separate volume settings for Ring tone and Music (if you listen music at low volume , ring tone will go very low)
    I never expected this kind of phone without front camera

  • Geffon

    Cant edit your tones either its massage/ringing or alarm.
    you actually have to cut them down to 40 seconds and be sure that the size is not less than 1 mb.
    WHAT THE F..K? i mean seriously?? its a 20x century , even a 10 years old phone could use any mp3 you uploaded as a ringtone alarm or massage. and it didnt asked for LENGTH nor SIZE.

  • Abhay Pandit

    Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”..
    Watch Solution at Following Youtube Video: