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Apps you must have to get Earthquake Alerts

windows phone earth quake alert

An earthquake of magnitude 4.9 in the Richter scale hit Delhi-NCR and some parts of UP, Rajasthan and Punjab states in India. But do you know there are apps available which can alert you about Earthquake ? These apps gives you alerts of any earthquake which may happen at your place. These are list of apps you can use to ... Read More »

iPhone app for Microsoft SkyDrive

Do you use SkyDrive as your online backup? May be you have used Hotmail, Messenger or Xbox Live and you are familier with SkyDrive. If not, then SkyDrive from Microsoft is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. Microsoft has released their SkyDrive app for the iPhone and iPod touch, giving users ... Read More »

3 iPhone, iPad games you can play this week

Gaming experience with iOS 5 on its devices, iPhone 4S and iPad has reached to far beyond level. Apple App market contains a bunch of gaming apps powered by iOS 5 which takes your digital gaming experience to 7th sky. Here are 3 Games you can play on your iPhone 4S or iPad. Infinity Blade II ($6.99): Do you love ... Read More »

Introduction to iPhone SDK

When it comes to best apps around the corner iPhone and iPad apps are at the top. With the iOS SDK, you can get started developing your iOS application for iPhone, iPad. Apple has designed immense set of tools for developing apps. It contains set of tools which are : Xcode : Complete development environment provides project management, a powerful ... Read More »

Top 10 iPhone Apps you can’t live without

We at Mobulite researched with iPhone users and found some of most loved apps. These are some apps are which has become an essential part of digital life and a must to have them. Here is the list of Top 10 iPhone Apps one can’t live without. 1. Facebook : So you also have Facebook fever ? Yeah and answer ... Read More »

iPhone InfoGraphics

iPhone is one of most popular smart phone with unique multimedia features and is developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Since its launch in Jan, 2007 it has become top priority among available smartphone. Its most recent model iPhone 4S is being launched in Oct, 2011 with Siri (a virtual assistant app) feature added. Its operating System is iOS and ... Read More »