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Wishtel Launches two low cost tablets at Rs 4000 – Rs 5500

Wishtel Launches two low cost tablets at Rs 4000 – Rs 5500

Wishtel launched two tablets costing between Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,500 on Friday, to feature support for native Indian languages, providing various Indians, the opportunity to educate, entertainment, and internet experience in their own native language for the first time. It has launched two tablets  Wishtel ‘IRA’ and ‘IRA Thing’.Wishtel Tablet

Ira, the 7″ Andoid tablet supports more than Indian languages besides HD video, wi-fi and 3G. The tablets have an in-built memory beginning from 2 GB that can be expanded to 32 GB. The device is powered by VIA WonderMedia PRIZM WM8650 ARM SoC. It provides combine advanced multimedia, connectivity, and computing capabilities with a rich feature set in a sleek and all within in Indian languages.

“This launch is the first step in our long term vision of bringing people closer to technology by creating gadgets that truly touch their lives. By enabling support for Indian languages, we are providing the opportunity for hundreds of millions of Indians to join the tablet revolution that is sweeping the globe today. We also hope to reach out to those brilliant minds in India that are inhibited for the lack of proper resources.”, said Milind Shah, CEO, Wishtel.

Wishtel will sell through 350 distribution and support centers, targeting end users such as students, homemakers and corporate executives.

Wishtel lost 1st bid against Datawind for Aakash which claims to be cheapest tablet in the world. Wishtel said  it would participate in the second bidding round for Aakash. The tablets are available nation-wide at prices between INR 4,000 to INR 5,500.

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  • It’s a cool tab for a cheap price.