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5 Best Android Tablet Games of 2011

[ad_1] Worth mentioning are the gaming apps offered by many Android developers, which make tablets your handy gaming consoles. The Android App Market has an extensive collection of games you can choose from but the top five best games of 2011 are as follows: 1. Angry Birds The most popular and downloadable game in the history of Android is the ... Read More »

The Top Real Estate Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

[ad_1] In the earliest days of the Internet, some of the original architects of the web pursued real estate as the most obvious market that could widely benefit from independent web sites. Aggregation services for these sites were among the first web lists, which eventually grew into dedicated indexes, then searchable indexes. Eventually the idea was absorbed into more complete ... Read More »

Top 5 Free SMS Managers for Android

[ad_1] Software applications, shortened to Apps, have helped enhance a smartphone user’s ability to multitask. It offers everything at your fingertips. However, there are a few applications that do not introduce anything new; they improve on existing functions. Text messaging or SMS has been around for ages even before Android opened its eyes to the world. An SMS allows you ... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Cell Phones

[ad_1] Cell phone (telefone celular) is a wireless, portable, long-range, electronic telephone, which during travel can seamlessly change antenna connections, from one radio reception cell to another radio reception cell, without dropping or losing the ongoing call. Besides the standard voice function of a telephone, latest cell phones (telefone celular) have features such as SMS for text messages, MMS for ... Read More »

The History Of The Android Mobile Operating System

[ad_1] Android devices enjoy a majority share in the total sales volume for all smartphones and tablets. This could be attributed to several reasons, the primary one being the fact that Android is an open-source product, which allows any handset manufacturer to adopt and modify it for their hardware devices. Secondly, the open-source philosophy makes its source code available to ... Read More »

Mobile App Development – What You Should Not Do

[ad_1] Do you have an idea for the next great mobile app? A social networking platform, or maybe a revolutionary instant messenger, or maybe something to get rid of all of our shopping woes, or maybe something through which you can order free food from the restaurant of your choice (boy wouldn’t that be great). Regardless of what type of ... Read More »

The Advantages of a Smartphone

[ad_1] The world of mobile communication has been exploding with smartphones. You have Blackberry, iPhone and the Droid leading the industry with Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile service. Just 10 years ago the cell phone era begin to take places and everyone thought being able to make phone calls from a cell phone was the incredible, and at the time, it ... Read More »

Nexus 5 – Latest Android M to Help Boost Standby Time Significantly

[ad_1] With the much awaited Google I/O already done, there are many Android fans and developers waiting to lay their hands on the next major upgrade – the latest Android M. However, as announced in the past, the developer preview is only available for the Nexus series, namely 5, 6, 9 and also the Nexus Player. That does not, in ... Read More »

Facebook Freezes – Why Does Facebook Freeze? And How to Fix It

[ad_1] Facebook is a wonderful website that lets us stay connected with our friends. A great majority of users can not live without it. All people want this website to run without any problem. However, It becomes a serious concern when Facebook freezes. We can not use it properly and feel frustrated. Are you wondering what can be the reasons ... Read More »

Best App Locker for Android to Disable Your Apps

[ad_1] App Locker, a useful android widget I found in market, being used to prevent your phone’s applications to be run by others except yourselves. I believe for everyone, cell phone belongs to private goods, which has a lot of privacy, including private emails, personal photos, videos and files, etc.Just like everyone else, I need a useful widget to prevent ... Read More »