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iPhone InfoGraphics

iPhone is one of most popular smart phone with unique multimedia features and is developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Since its launch in Jan, 2007 it has become top priority among available smartphone. Its most recent model iPhone 4S is being launched in Oct, 2011 with Siri (a virtual assistant app) feature added. Its operating System is iOS and ... Read More »

Windows Phone infographics

Windows Phone is most recent mobile computing technology which is developed and controlled by Microsoft. Its design technology based on a language called Metro is eye catching. This technology was started in year 2004 by Microsoft and its most appreciated efforts are after release of Windows Phone 7 version in starting of 2010. Its sleak and smooth interface design is ... Read More »

Android infographics

Android has become most popular operating system in recent months. It is an open source mobile computing platform maintained and controlled by Google Inc under Open Handset Alliance consortium. OHA is a consortium of several companies which include Google, Intel, LG, Nvidia, Samsung Electronics,T-Mobile and Texas Instruments, Huawei Technologies, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone Group and others. After the purchase of Android ... Read More »

Welcome, The World is at 3.5 of 5 in Smart Phone Computing

Smart Phone is mobile phone with advanced telephoning and computing features built on the mobile operating system. Since the era of early Computer it has been an interesting challenge for scientist to bring more capability to the Mobiles. We at MobUlite believe that “mobile computing has reached at 3.5th level of total 5 level in inventing mobile computing”. We started ... Read More »