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Top Apps for Investigators

US Cop ($3.99 on Android) ($5.99 for iOS) This app has everything. From pharmaceutical identification to a Spanish translator. Log in your shift schedule and even create reminders. This app gives you a guide to report writing and case law references. A voice recorder and evidence cam ensures that your most important information stay secure. A plethora of cheat sheets ... Read More »

Run Down Houses For Sale

There are usually a lot of investors looking to buy run down houses for sale. While these may not sound like a great investment, they are usually an excellent way of spending some time on a property and then selling it on for a large profit once the time comes. They can even be suitable for a family home if ... Read More »

Advanced Features of the Android Tablet 4.1

The Android operating system is a true marvel of functional goodness. The mobile phones and smartphones that integrate with this platform are considered to be best in performance based cellular devices. Through this OS, compatible mobile phones gain the remarkable support and tolerance towards attractive applications that include games, entertainment apps, news apps, business apps, etc. Due to the popularity ... Read More »

Tablet PC Games

Tablet PC games include crossword puzzles, Microsoft Sudoku, and many war games that are more advanced in nature. News reports indicate that Microsoft is in the process of designing a Tablet PC game software development kit (SDK) and a new Tablet-PC-specific game, both meant to draw new developers and customers towards buying Tablet PCs. Another game that is being developed ... Read More »

Android Application Development

Just as the desktop PC or the laptop has the operating system, the smart phones also need an operating system with which they would give the multiple functions. There are couple of different mobile operating systems like Symbian, Android, Java etc. We will discuss here about the Android application development, which is open source software developed by Google and the ... Read More »

What Can You Do About iPad Email Problems?

Your iPad is a device that can do many of the same functions as your computer. It has enough features that it can almost replace a laptop and is a bit easier to carry around with you since it’s light weight. Sometimes the iPad has problems with getting email. Find out what you can do that will help you with ... Read More »

Android Devices in Wireless Internet and Mobile Broadband

Android devices, such as the Motorola Milestone A 854 and HTC Desire 6275, use the Android software stack which was purchased by Google, who then made it open source enabling it to be used by any developer working on software for mobile devices. Android was built on the Linux Kernel, and can be used to develop mobile applications that make ... Read More »

How To Start A Mobile App Development Company

Personal telephones seem to be everything but these days. They surf the Internet, perform banking tasks, track our purchases, and even take photographs. For some people, the one thing they don’t really do with their phone is make voice calls. So what are all these people doing? If these things are incredibly popular without performing their ostensible function, what is ... Read More »

So You Want to Develop A Game App?

If you take a look at the app world, you will note the dozens of categories that apps fall into. One of the most popular categories is gaming. This very competitive market has thousands of apps, regardless of the device, so the competition is fierce! Just check out the rapidly developing app stores for Android, Apple and Blackberry, and see ... Read More »

Portable Air Conditioner – No Vent – No Way

A recent visitor to my website asked if there was such a thing as a portable air conditioner with no vent. I wrote back that I had never heard of one, but would check it out just in case some new advance in portable air conditioning had slipped by me. What I found was the Haier Commercial Cool 14,000 BTU ... Read More »