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Why iPhone 4S beats its competitors when taking pictures ?

One of major use of smartphone is their high end photography solution. Smart phones like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy (Android Phone) or Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) are better know for their Camera Quality and Photography experience.
But one point all are (not surely all) missing is feature called instant Camera access capability. We have seen that a major improvements for both iOS 5 and the iphone 4S was made in the area of photography. Upgraded camera specs on the new iphone 4S and improved software in iOS 5 make taking pictures much more appealing from your phone.
Here are Five ways of taking pictures using iPhone 4S which makes it special from others.

1. Use your software shutter-release button. Very basic option i.e. Open the camera app, adjust your frame and zoom level, then press the camera icon.

2. iOS 5 now has the ability to use the volume (+) button to trigger the shutter. Useful when you are in a crowded area, helps you easily take snap without having to locate the software button in the camera application.

3. One more option is using the volume (+) button on your included iPhone headphones. Useful when taking several shots in a row but need to keep the camera steady between each shot. Helps you shoot in rapid succession.

4. An more easy method involves using your Bluetooth headset as a trigger mechanism for your iPhone’s camera. Not all Bluetooth headsets may work, but any that allow you to adjust the volume of your iPhone should also be able to trigger the camera’s shutter using the volume (+) button on the headset.

5. Last but an interesting method is pairing Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone and using the volume (+) on the keypad. Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard works great for this.

So the five unique picture taking features make iPhone 4S stand ahead of all other smart phones.