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Add Voice typing to your Android Phone [Tutorial]

Android 4.0 is available with a lot of features. This tutorial would lead you to adding Voice typing to your Android Phone IME. If you have basic knowladge about IME development in Android platform than you can easily add this feature to your phone. To integrate this feature follow the simple steps given below. Requirements : Android 2.2 or later. ... Read More »

Develop Windows Phone Apps and Earn Money

Windows Phone is getting as most recent and popular mobile operating system out in the market. With the launch of some handful of devices like Nokia Lumia 800 its getting more attention day by day. The Windows Phone marketplace does have only a handful of apps at present. Also Microsoft is expending its marketplace in number of ways through different ... Read More »

Develop Android Apps and Earn money with your App

Are you an Android Developer ?, Or do you wish to develop your own apps ? Android is most popular operating system at present and one developing apps for Android market can earn nice income. These are some basic step to develop your own apps and start earning revenue… What you need ? : Few hours time, basic knowledge of ... Read More »

Introduction to iPhone SDK

When it comes to best apps around the corner iPhone and iPad apps are at the top. With the iOS SDK, you can get started developing your iOS application for iPhone, iPad. Apple has designed immense set of tools for developing apps. It contains set of tools which are : Xcode : Complete development environment provides project management, a powerful ... Read More »

Introduction to Windows Phone SDK

Windows Phone is most recent mobile operating system technology developed and maintained by Microsoft. Taking the case of Application development environment its SDK sets ahead of others. The Windows Phone Application Platform enables developers to create engaging consumer experiences running on a Windows Phone. It is built upon existing Microsoft tools and technologies such as Visual Studio, Expression Blend, Silverlight, ... Read More »

Introduction to Android SDK

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides fully featured application development environment for develepoing apps for Android Phones and Tablets etc. Till now it has resleased around 8 major versions of its SDK. Its SDK is being released in all the three popular platforms i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux. There are millions apps available for Android and it being most popular ... Read More »