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Top 5 must have paid apps for Android

angry bird premium android app

With your smartphone in your hand, you love exploring apps. And the Android Apps Market is full of verity of apps. We go through all the paid apps in Android market and found these five apps which you should not miss. The list of these top must have paid apps is based on our user rating and online usage data. ... Read More »

Apps you must have to get Earthquake Alerts

windows phone earth quake alert

An earthquake of magnitude 4.9 in the Richter scale hit Delhi-NCR and some parts of UP, Rajasthan and Punjab states in India. But do you know there are apps available which can alert you about Earthquake ? These apps gives you alerts of any earthquake which may happen at your place. These are list of apps you can use to ... Read More »

Why you should try Amazon’s AppStore for Android Apps ?

amazon android market

Amazon is king of online shopping and so is the case with Android apps. Amazon market has an AppStore for Android apps. Now there are various strong reasons that’s why you should try using Amazon for purchasing your Apps for your Android Device. Here are some strong points which comes out : Don’t have Android Device ? It’s okay : ... Read More »

Top Indian News Website’s Apps you must have

With smartphone getting as a must have device now a days it has become an essential to have smartphone apps. Keeping in view various Indian news websites have launched their website’s Android, iPhone and some one Windows Phone versions. Here is list of top Indian News Website and their smart phone apps you must have to keep in touch on ... Read More »

5 cool Web Browsing options for Android

Experience of any Smart Phone or Tablet is doesn’t count without web browser. Web browsers are must have apps for your Android device. May be you are satisfied with your default web browser but still there are better Web Browsing options in Android Market. And choice of browser depends on your requirement like speed or customization or add-ons etc. Here ... Read More »

iPhone app for Microsoft SkyDrive

Do you use SkyDrive as your online backup? May be you have used Hotmail, Messenger or Xbox Live and you are familier with SkyDrive. If not, then SkyDrive from Microsoft is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. Microsoft has released their SkyDrive app for the iPhone and iPod touch, giving users ... Read More »

Add Voice typing to your Android Phone [Tutorial]

Android 4.0 is available with a lot of features. This tutorial would lead you to adding Voice typing to your Android Phone IME. If you have basic knowladge about IME development in Android platform than you can easily add this feature to your phone. To integrate this feature follow the simple steps given below. Requirements : Android 2.2 or later. ... Read More »

10 cool Android apps by Google you must try

Google’s Android OS is at its peak. Google Inc. has officially released a number of apps for Android market out of which few apps are most popular like Search App, Gmail App, Youtube app, Voice Search, Maps app etc. and these apps are mostly preloaded in Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Google’s Nexus S etc. I recently used (and Reviewed ... Read More »

5 Task/Notes Management Apps for your Android Phone

Doing one or other task throughout the day, planning for tomorrow or coming week ?, it all takes a lot of effort and causes headache oftentimes. But wait Android market gives you some handful of apps which can act as your digital assistant. Task management or Notes taking apps can guide your whole day easily and efficiently. These are some ... Read More »

3 iPhone, iPad games you can play this week

Gaming experience with iOS 5 on its devices, iPhone 4S and iPad has reached to far beyond level. Apple App market contains a bunch of gaming apps powered by iOS 5 which takes your digital gaming experience to 7th sky. Here are 3 Games you can play on your iPhone 4S or iPad. Infinity Blade II ($6.99): Do you love ... Read More »