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Apps you must have to get Earthquake Alerts

Apps you must have to get Earthquake Alerts

An earthquake of magnitude 4.9 in the Richter scale hit Delhi-NCR and some parts of UP, Rajasthan and Punjab states in India. But do you know there are apps available which can alert you about Earthquake ? These apps gives you alerts of any earthquake which may happen at your place. These are list of apps you can use to get earthquake alerts.

Earthquake! for Android : Get a head start on the apocalypse! 24h of quakes mapped.
Get a head start on the apocalypse with Earthquake! Last 24hrs of earthquakes, with damage and rumble areas shown on an interactive map. Features notifications and vibration to indicate quake magnitude, and a dynamic widget.




Earthquake Alert for Windows Phone : The earthquake alert notifies you the unusual shake occurred on the surface where the phone is put on. Put the phone on a still flat surface and press start in the next page to start the application. The screen lock will be disabled, so your phone will use more power than usual. Connect the phone charger if you plan to leave the application open for long time, for example, when sleeping. The screen lock will be reactivated once the application is closed.



iQuakes for iPhone : Did you feel that? Was it a real earthquake? Find the details on the latest Earthquakes around the world on your iPhone or iPod touch along with the earthquake date, time, location, magnitude, depth, location maps and more from the USGS.