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Why you should try Amazon’s AppStore for Android Apps ?

Why you should try Amazon’s AppStore for Android Apps ?

Amazon is king of online shopping and so is the case with Android apps. Amazon market has an AppStore for Android apps. Now there are various strong reasons that’s why you should try using Amazon for purchasing your Apps for your Android Device.

Here are some strong points which comes out :

Don’t have Android Device ? It’s okay : It allows you to purchase apps without android device. Means you can buy apps if you don’t have a device. Why not if you planning to buy device in near future ?

Approved Apps : All apps are check before they are deployed on Amazon market but Google’s Android market doesn’t do that till a problem is reported. So you are safe.

Free App of the Day : An exclusive offer to get one paid app for free daily.

Developers !! you are the Hero : Amazon allows developers to directly sell their application on Amazon market and its quite easier process.

Featured Apps : It brings you some featured apps so that you don’t miss any cool app on the go.

Get Top Apps : Amazon market, as it should be is good at categorizing  best apps, free apps, most selling apps so that you can easily walk through purchasing.

Amazon Apps Free : All apps of Amazon itself are free for your Android Device.


So the above strong reason’s gets Amazon’s AppStore a must try way for purchasing or selling your Android Apps online.