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Top Indian News Website’s Apps you must have

With smartphone getting as a must have device now a days it has become an essential to have smartphone apps. Keeping in view various Indian news websites have launched their website’s Android, iPhone and some one Windows Phone versions. Here is list of top Indian News Website and their smart phone apps you must have to keep in touch on the way.

The Times of India : One of the top news source in India. Portal site, stories and other information sources.
– Times of India Android app
– Times of India iPhone app
– Times of India Windows Phone app

IBN Live : News source from IN.COM
– IBN Live Android app
– IBN Live iPhone app

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NDTV : Top Indian news television covering breaking news and trends.
– NDTV Android app
– NDTV iPhone app

Dainik Bhaskar : One of the top Indian Hindi news paper.
– Dainik Bhaskar Android app
– Dainik Bhaskar iPhone app

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Hindustan Times : Top Indian news paper covering latest India and international news.
– Hindustan Times Android app
– Hindustan Times iPhone app

DNA News India : Online portal covering national and international news.
– DNA News Android app

The Hindu : Another most read Indian news paper.
– The Hindu iPhone app