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Top 5 camera apps for Android

Taking snaps is an interesting task which every smartphone owner does now and then. But when it comes to choosing Apps for Camera related stuff for their Android Phones it creates a little confusion as we have a lot of Camera apps available at Android Market. We have had a go through with almost all the apps and found some of them so useful. Here we present you top 5 camera apps which are a must have choice if one wants to increase his/her snapping experience.

The apps which made in our top 5 list are

1. Camera360 Free : May be you have used this app because of its popularity. A lot of Effect to add, amazing HDR effect, Funny Mode, Cool Scenery Mode, Unique Tilt-shift and Color-shift Mode which allows you to see the world from another angle. Share photos to Facebook or Twitter. Although not the ultimate solution as can crash or delay at times.

Download : Camera360 Free

2. FxCamera : When it comes to adding effects in your photos (oh everyone loves that ) there is no best solution other than FxCamera app. And you can apply effect to existing pictures. Although its bit slow when changing between modes(effects) but a must have.

Download : FxCamera

3. PhotoFunia : What when you need to edit photo to look it your best ? This app provides photo editing tool that gives you a heart touching experience. It makes you Angelina Jolie or like Brad Pitt. You get over 150 scenes to play with. You’re not cutting and pasting, instead the app “finds” the face in your photo and integrates it with the scene of your choice.

Download : PhotoFunia

4. Pudding Camera : This app offers many kinds of camera, and kinds of film settings with which you can have stylish photos. Various combination of camera & films, Exposure setting, Support for front facing camera, Support tap anywhere to snap a photo, Using location information, Sharing to social media.

Download : Pudding Camera

5.Little Photo: Add film and retouch effects to your photos. Over 70 effects and tools. Users loves this app for its quality and photography experience it provides.

Download : Little Photo

And one more :

SilentCam : Its one and only interesting feature is silent camera(No shutter sound). Simply to save a preview image, not sound. This app doesn’t make to our top 5 list but still it can be worth trying because of its unique features.

Download : SilentCam