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5 features where Windows Phone 7.5 takes over Android

The all time high war is On, between different mobile operating systems. Windows Phone has, by some estimates less than 6% market share. Android now owns half the market and iOS about 26%. Windows Phone is getting its edge over competitors. There are a lot of if and buts, at which a user compares two smartphone. The points being design, ease of use, connectivity options, social media integration, messaging capabilities, gaming capability etc.
Here are 5 points which makes Mango device super cool.

User Interface

The first impression is last impression. Right ? And in that case Windows Phone punches hard on Android. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango looks extremely stylish and sexy. It makes me feel special every time I pick phone.
On the other hand Android, it looks clunky, old and outright ugly. Do as much of customization it doesn’t make anyone drool over Android’s interface.

Social Media Integration

I am a social savvy guy. So you are. And I would love a phone which keep my social life at ease. I found that Windows Phone is steps ahead of Android.
Windows Phone’s contacts app (called People) is divided into various sections – recent, all, and what’s new. The recent tab has a little grid of 8 tiles, depicting the last 8 people contacted – either via a phone call, sms, IM, or even a post on the Facebook Wall. What’s most interesting is the “what’s new” tab that lists out latest updates from all your contacts, from Windows Live, Twitter & Facebook, at the same place. And WP7 also allows you to filter the updates according to social networks. It allows you to make groups and follow just their updates on the Groups app.
While, Android forces you to open separate social networking apps to follow your contacts’ updates and interact with them. And it doesn’t allow you to create multiple groups of contacts, like Family, Colleagues etc.

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When it comes to messaging Windows Phone gives very pleasurable experience. One very innovative approach is you can take your conversation to any messaging protocol you please. Like, in the messaging app, you can easily switch between SMS, Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger to chat with a friend.
In contrast, Android has separate apps for SMS, Facebook etc. which mean you shall have to switch between them as and when required.


Both supports Multitasking but Windows Phone 7.5 Mango’s multitasking is Hardware independent while in some of Android Phones like Arc S and HTC Sensation XE, multitasking is very dependent on hardware. For example, if you load a web page on Android’s browser, and then moved away to reply to an email, the page shall start reloading when I come back to that application, but not on Samsung Galaxy S II.

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Gaming and Business uses

Although Android comes with bunch of Gaming and business app solutions. But taking specialized application support like Windows Phone seamlessly integrates with Xbox Live, letting you play games, manage your profile and interact with your friends on-the-go. And for the business uses, MS Office is available for free.
None of the above is available in Android Phones and which gives Windows Phone one other best point to consider.

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