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10 cool Android apps by Google you must try

Google’s Android OS is at its peak. Google Inc. has officially released a number of apps for Android market out of which few apps are most popular like Search App, Gmail App, Youtube app, Voice Search, Maps app etc. and these apps are mostly preloaded in Android phones like Samsung Galaxy, Google’s Nexus S etc.
I recently used (and Reviewed ) all the apps from Google Inc. on my Android device and found that there are several interesting and useful apps one may use.

Google Sky Map, Free :
Do you love watching sky ? Now turn your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky using this app. A cool and interesting app.

Download : Google Sky Map

Google Currents, Free :
Do you read blogs, News sites ? and keep your self updated ? This apps lets you cover the news in a magaxine like experience. Give beautiful magazine like editions to your story for high speed offline reading. Editions are all free and include top news sources on the web.

Download : Google Currents

Google TV Remote, Free :
Turn your Android phone as a remote controller to your Google TV. You can also share videos and web pages with the TV and even use your voice to search for content.

Download : Google TV Remote

Google Goggles, Free :
This app helps you search the real world by using a picture. Search by taking a picture. Identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online.

Download : Google Goggles

Car Home, Free :
This app from Google helps you turn your phone into your personal navigation and infotainment device. Quickly access navigation, voice actions, and other features while driving.

Download : Car Home

YouTube Remote, Free :
Control the YouTube experience from the comfort of your couch. With this app, you can use your Android phone or tablet as a remote control for YouTube videos on your desktop computer or Internet TV. Simply visit youtube.com/leanback on your computer or TV, log in, and YouTube Remote will automatically connect.

Download : YouTube Remote

Gesture Search, Free :
Search your Android phone by drawing gestures on the touch screen. Gesture Search lets you quickly find a contact, a bookmark, an application, or a music track on your device by drawing on the screen.

Download : Gesture Search

Google Authenticator, Free :
Do you need to be secure your Google Account and hence your data ? Google Authenticator generates 2-step verification codes on your phone to protect your account from hijacking.

Download : Google Authenticator

Intersection Explorer, Free :
One of most innovative app for Visually impaired persons. Intersection Explorer speaks the layout of the streets and intersections in neighborhoods as you touch and drag your finger around the map. This helps blind and low vision users get an understanding of a neighborhood both before venturing out and while on the go.

Download : Intersection Explorer

TalkBack, Free :
Another innovative app for Visually impaired persons. This app add spoken, audible, and vibration functionality services to your device. Mostly pre-installed but you need to activate it on your device.

Download : TalkBack